Monday, 26 May 2014

Whim 14: Heart Shaped Oven Gloves

Another project from a few months ago. This is something I made at a class by the lovely Sarah of  Crafty Sew and So. I hate using binding and have always been rubbish at it - so I wanted a chance to practice my skills. Sarah showed up some tips to get it looking good (laying flat with the stitching catching both sides) and i'm really pleased with the result. I also love the gorgeous fox fabric I used, an unusual colour for me (orange is my least favourite colour) but I think it looks fab with the contrasting turquoise! It was also good to try out the heat resistant wadding.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Whim 13: Shirt (Take 2)

Too many months since I posted anything - but that doesn't mean I've been idle!
I have made many things since November and i'll be trying to update. My main issue is not having anyone to take photos for me (the downside to living on your own!), so i'll be making do with bad quality selfies!

Anyway here is my second attempt at making a shirt. It is made from some fancy elephant print fabric with yoke and cuffs made from black denim, and white piping.  

It is very comfortable to wear and I wear it for work often. A massive success all round!