Sunday, 3 August 2014

Whim 20: Reverse Applique Floral

This week I am working on this months Sew Sociable challenge  (to use applique to create a floral sampler). I have decided to base this on some gorgeous sixties inspired floral prints (see my pinterest board for more images) which lend themselves to applique because of the limited colour palettes. I am using reverse applique because I love it and I think it looks a lot like overlayed screen printing because you can see bits of other colours poking out underneath.
My first task was to sort through all of my pinterest board for the right image, and chose this one by Noboriya:

Then I tried to recreate part of it as best I could using small squares of felt (about 16cm). Plus adding some decorative stitching using black thread.
I like parts of how it has come out, but I don't like the colour combination (even though they look so good in the print) and I need to simplify it a bit to make it work on my final piece. Below  is a sketch for the real thing with these amendments:
Keep posted to see how it goes!

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