Sunday, 22 February 2015

Whim 23: Gertie's Dirndl Skirt

 I am newly obsessed with this lovely book:  Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing  as well as the blog it comes from. I am planing to make all of the patterns in it as they are all gorgeous.  First off though I followed the instructions to make a simple dirndl skirt using a lovely red and gold sari I found in a charity shop.

A sari is a fantastic thing to make this out of as you need such a long piece of fabric to gather into the waistband. This sari had two different patterned edges - I used the smaller of the two borders as the bottom of the skirt (no hemming!). The silk is crisp and light which makes the skirt stick out in the fifties style (although worn here with a knee-length full petticoat - which helps too!)

Saturday, 21 February 2015

I realised that I never put up any images of the Sew Sociable bunting project that we did in the Autumn. There is a page with everyone's designs here and this is what my individual pieces looked like....
What it is all about:
“My bunting represents a strange but wonderful house I lived in a few years ago with 4 boys- the shield represents their professions. The house had been built by one of the members of Showaddywaddy back in their 70’s heyday but had not been updated since so it had all the trappings of a pop star lifestyle (Including a swimming pool and sauna just off the living room!) but the most horrendous decor you have ever seen! I am still in particular horror of the bright pink bathtub!

Monday, 16 February 2015

A peek into my sketchbook

Whim 22- Things I like

A mini fabric journal.
I made this as a demo for a year 9 class I have been teaching about fabric journals. I tried to incorporate as many of the techniques that were available to them as possible and bound it using rings so the individual pages could be easily examined. 

 This project is not finished and will have more pages - when I get around to it!